DRM Wood Products, LTD would like to thank you for considering them as your woodworking company and for your OEM wood parts needs. They take pride in their reputation as one of the best woodworking companies in the Akron and Cleveland metropolitan areas. Their reliable service and skilled staff make DRM Wood Products stand out from the rest. Whether you have a one piece prototype or a short production run they can and would like to help.
DRM offers flexibility and can complete just one or two operations, or they can complete an entire assembly, including custom pad printing and packing. Most of their work includes smaller items that can be hand carried and they are experienced in producing fixtures for other processes. They have high quality equipment to get the job done smoothly and efficiently, equipment such as:

  • Techno LC, 3 Axis CNC Router with Tool Changer
  • Centroid, 3 Axis CNC Machining Center with Tool Changer
  • Masterwood 207, 3 Axis CNC Router
  • 3 Axis CNC Knee Mill

DRM uses countless other equipment and machinery to offer the best services possible.  This allows them to create a wide array of components and complete projects. They work closely with each client to determine exactly what that client’s specific needs are, including the design phase if necessary. DRM then continues to communicate throughout the project until everything is complete – whether that means sent to your customer or passed on to an OEM for a larger project. Whatever the project is, DRM Wood Products can get you the materials and designs you need and they can help you create a beautiful product that adheres to their high standard of  quality. If you have natural wood, engineered wood or even plastic, their custom services can produce a product with low cost, sharp and smooth finishes and precision cuts and carvings. Let DRM Wood Products be the woodworking company for you!