How To Get The Business Card Design Of Your Dreams

A strong business card design is an invaluable opportunity to make a strong first impression. After all, business cards are easy to hand out, and provide a great opportunity for style and branding. 

If you’re not familiar with the principles of graphic design, you may be wondering how to achieve the best business card design that will effectively communicate your brand and business message. Here’s a few tips on how to get started.

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Add The Most Important Information

Determine the most important information that you want captured on your card. Contact information, like phone, email, and social media, is a standard on business cards. You may also want your address, or website link, or even a QR code to function as a quick shortcut. Maybe you have a catchy slogan you also want to include.

Write down the information you find most valuable, then make sure it all serves a purpose. Because you’re working with such limited space, your business card design should convey only the most relevant information you want widely distributed.

Choose Your Shape And Size

The shape and size of your business card is a great opportunity to insert some personality into your design. Maybe you want to take a standard route and have your cards in a clean-cut rectangle for a simple look. Or, maybe you want to explore different shape and size options that reflect a certain aspect of your brand.

Don’t let your business card get too big, otherwise it might break and bend easily, or get discarded. Try to work within the framework of a standard wallet size, so customers you hand it out to can have a simple way to have it handy whenever they need it.

If you choose to hire a design or marketing firm for your business card design, they may provide different sizes for you to choose from. Consider those recommendations, and pick what feels best for your company. 

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Express Yourself With Great Branding

Even though it’s physically small, there are plenty of opportunities to express yourself and your brand through business card design. 

Colors and color schemes are a huge aspect of branding. Your business card colors should remain consistent with the rest of your marketing materials. You want customers to build a connection between your business card and your brand.

The same principle applies when it comes to using your logo, sling, font, and other central elements of your business card design. Consistency is key, and if you’re undergoing a brand refresh, make sure all of your marketing materials do as well. That being said, being consistent does not mean you have to abandon your creative ideas. You can still use your business card design as a chance to showcase your original ideas, while effectively communicating the information you want to. 

The result? A lasting impression on your customers.

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