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Have you been searching for WaveLight CONTOURA? The dedicated team from Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio’s Davis Eye Center can improve your vision and your health through some of the most advanced in laser technology.
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Have you been considering laser eye surgery? Are you familiar with WaveLight CONTOURA technology? Overall, LASIK is safer than ever, and today’s patients benefit from the most advanced in laser technology.
The exclusive COUNTOURA Vision laser maps up to 22,000 distinct elevation points to form a precise custom layout of a patient’s eye. Significantly, more than 90% of patients report achieving 20/20 vision of better with the technology. 
The WaveLight Refractive Suite ensures precise and rapid laser placement and creates a topographic map of a patient’s eye to customize laser movement patterns. The technology creates a cornea flap in about six seconds and also gives surgeons access to patients’ medical information in real-time during a procedure.  

Considering LASIK Surgery 

Have you been wondering if you qualify for LASIK? The ideal candidate is in good general health, has no present or past corneal disease or other conditions of the eye. However, your surgeon will determine the best course of action for your specific case.  
Most patients do report improved vision following a laser eye procedure. However, it is important to be mindful that you may need to wear glasses or contacts in some situations, such as reading or driving, following your LASIK surgery. 
Like any medical procedure, LASIK surgery comes with risks of its own. Patients have reported experiencing ocular infection, swelling, damage to the cornea, undercorrection and overcorrection. Only your eye surgeon can help you determine whether or not the benefits of LASIK surgery outweigh your individual risk of complications.  

About Davis Eye Center

Davis Eye Center is a top provider of LASIK surgery, general eye care and cataract treatment in Northeast Ohio. Significantly, the Davis Eye Center team maintains the latest in surgical technology as well as the most experienced staff possible to provide care of the highest quality. Count on Davis Eye Center for both routine treatments and cutting edge surgery. 

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