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About Davis Law Group LLC: A Leader in Their Field and in Their Community

Father and son Kevin G. Davis and Kevin G. Davis II lead Davis Law Group and lead their field as premier Summit County probate lawyers.  Above all else, Davis Law Group LLC emphasizes the importance of the client experience. Affordable services are critical to this. The firm has set itself apart as leading Summit County probate lawyers, as well as distinguished itself in other legal specialties.  Davis Law Group LLC values aggressive advocacy for their clients and takes pride in its status as one of Akron, Ohio’s leading law firms.    

Areas of Legal Expertise: A Multidisciplinary Law Firm for Summit County

Davis Law Group LLC has stood out among other Akron Law firms for a distinct mastery of numerous areas of law.  These disciplines include:

  • Civil litigation
  • Business litigation
  • Personal litigation
  • Entity formation
  • Transactions
  • Contracts
  • Governmental relations
  • Real estate
  • Probate
  • Landlord and tenant
  • Business and indivudual debt collection
  • Estate planning, wills, and trusts
  • Criminal 
  • Personal injury
  • Traffic
  • DUI and OVI
  • Board of revision and tax appeals
  • Sealed records


Summit County Probate: How Davis Law Group LLC Stands Out Among the Rest

The probate process encompasses the court procedures and estate settlement following a family member’s death.  Above all, the attorneys at Davis Law Group LLC prioritize guiding clients through this draining process with compassion and at an affordable price.  Family is a primary value of the culture of the law firm and their attorneys’ relationships with clients. Davis Law Group LLC brings this dedication into practice through:

  • Probate administration
  • Guardianship representation
  • Estate and trust administration
  • Testate probate (with a valid will)
  • Intestate probate (without a will)
  • Contested will litigation, inheritance disputes
  • Testate probate litigation (with a valid will)
  • Intestate probate litigation (no valid will)
  • Appointment of guardian/conservator for minors, adults
  • Challenges to petitions for guardianship/conservatorship
  • Termination of guardianship
  • Estate tax issues
  • Preparation of accountings
  • Preparation of tax returns
  • Distributions to beneficiaries
  • Advice to trustees


Contacting Davis Law Group LLC: Find a Dedicated Summit County Probate Lawyer and Find out How Davis Law Group LLC Can Help You.

To reach out to the legal professionals at Davis Law Group LLC, fill out the online contact form at  Using this form does not create an attorney-client relationship nor the confidentiality such a relationship guarantees.  The online contact form is not for legal advice.  
Give them a call at 330-434-6600 or toll-free at 888-218-7733, or send written correspondence to the address listed below.        .
Davis Law Group LLC
12 East Exchange Street
Eighth Floor
Akron, Ohio 44308

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