Styrenated phenol both distyrenated and tristyrenated phenol are available in the extensive WESTCO™ product line. With Western Reserve Chemical, you get quality and assurance in all their products. Their SP-120 is FDA approved for use in rubber articles and parts intended for repeated or continuous food contacts. What it is is a pale yellow to amber liquid that is used in most elastomers, particularly SBR. It can also be used in plastics, thermoplastic elastomers and urethane foams. 1-3 PHR is recommended.
The WESTCO SP-120 DLD is also FDA approved and comes with a 70% active mixture of non-staining styrenated phenol antioxidants/antiozinants on an inert carrier. Western Reserve only gives you the best and they won’t settle so that’s why SP-120 provides sound thermal stability in synthetic and natural rubbers. It also is incredibly stable over long periods of time when stored in unopened and protected containers. They come in 440 pound steel drums so you’re guaranteed a two year shelf life. If you’re interested in learning more about Western Reserve Chemical and what exactly goes into their styrenated phenol, take a look at the formula and composition below and see for yourself why Western Reserve is the place for all your rubber, plastic and adhesive needs.
MOLECULAR FORMULA: C14H14O (monostyrenated phenol)
C22H22O (distyrenated phenol)
C30H30O (tristyrenated phenol)
COMPOSITION: Styrenated phenol is made up of three main components –
mono-, di- and tristyrenated phenol. Western Reserve Chemical offers
both di- and tri- styrenated phenols. The relative amounts of
each component differ depending on the use of the substance.