SEO For You

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a process of improving your website’s traffic from both a quality and quantity perspective. An SEO strategist is an expert that can help plan out and execute the tasks that will bring you the desired results for your site from SEO. SEO works to get your website to rank in a higher position for specific search terms, on search engines. Higher search positions will lead to more clicks, and those clicks will turn into sales.

SEO Strategist Skill Set

It is hard to narrow down the skill set of an SEO strategist to a few points, so here are some broad aspects of what SEO strategists bring to the table that will improve your sales.

Adaptability to Search Engine Updates

seo strategists at workSearch engines, like Google, are always changing to try to improve their system and SEO strategists should change with it. SEO benefits from an innovative mindset and always striving to find new answers to new challenges. An SEO strategist will be able to bring that flexibility to try new methods of working their magic on your website.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is a very big step in the SEO process, finding the right keywords to target is the basis on which your strategies will come from. The “right keyword” isn’t necessarily a simple thing to find, it takes a balancing act of search volume, competition, and applicability to your business and industry. Having keyword research reports give you a more clear direction in which keywords you should focus on, in order to rank higher for them.


analytics for an seo strategistAnalytics is a useful tool in viewing past trends, current flaws, and the response to changes made. You may have an issue on your site that is causing users to leave. By having access to the analytics of your site, you can resolve that issue instead of living with lost sales. You will also be able to view your top performing pages and then take them as a focal point to view what you did well on.

SEO Strategies

SEO strategies are the plans that will be enacted to improve your website’s quality along with the quantity and quality of the users of your site. Strategies can include various tasks like on page optimization, creating backlinks, and much more. Each individual task may have different specific goals and each one can work to boost a single page and keyword, or many of them.

Understanding of Website Platforms

To best trust your SEO strategist, a good point is to understand the platform that your website is on, like HubSpot or WordPress. This understanding will help make the most of their budget, since they don’t have to learn the entire backend interface, on top of any challenges that may pop up.

Find Your SEO Specialist

To find the right SEO specialist for your website and business, you should develop a plan first. Determining your budget and setting defined goals that you desire give you clear benchmarks that determine success. Setting clear goals will also help the SEO specialist that you work with because this is a long term process and knowing what is important for you will help them angle their strategies and enhance the trust between both parties.