When looking for high quality and reliable rubber metal bonding parts, contact Qualiform today! They take all regulations within the industry you need the parts for and federal guidelines very seriously. The staff at Qualiform is well-trained in the area guaranteeing you will get a sturdy, reliable and quality product that meets the guidelines every time. Their goal is to get you the final product that fits your needs in the most efficient way possible.
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Qualiform is more than just a rubber distributing company, with rubber services and rubber parts, they have all that you need and more. Whether it’s gaskets or seals, Qualiform has been creating and manufacturing rubber parts since 1976. They use products that are durable and designed to last for years to come. Their team is expertly trained to handle any type of rubber need and they serve many industries including lawn and garden, medical and transportation.
One of Qualiform’s custom rubber parts is grommets. They are made from a variety of rubber and elastomeric materials like Viton grommets, silicone grommets, natural rubber grommets, EPDM grommets, and many more materials. Another perk of choosing Qualiform as your rubber parts dealer is that they develop compounds that are tailored to each client’s specific needs. The engineers can help you develop and design your own rubber parts and grommets. They will advise you on each step of the way so you won’t be lost. Other rubber parts that Qualiform can make are seals and gaskets. These are used to prevent seepage of moisture. Whatever you need to have, Qualiform is guaranteed to fill it. All parts are bought in the United States and each one is up to Qualiform’s high standard of quality. Make Qualiform the right choice for you.