Qualiform | Rubber Molding Supplier

Those searching for a rubber molding supplier to provide high-quality custom rubber products will find exactly what they need with Qualiform Inc. Qualiform is a rubber products manufacturer with many years of experience in the industry. Furthermore, they specialize in the production of custom rubber products; thus, they can offer much more versatility to their customers. Qualiform offers a large variety of rubber molding services: rubber compression molding, transfer molding, rubber-to-metal bonding, and many other options are available. In addition to their versatility, Qualiform excels in quality customer service. They are a leader among rubber molding suppliers in reliability and product quality.
Qualiform will work with you to get you the exact product you need. They will help you through the entirety of the custom rubber molding process, ensuring you receive the perfect custom product for your application. From the initial design phase to the final approval of your product, Qualiform will be by your side, making suggestions and guiding you to the best outcome.
Qualiform can also assist you in deciding which polymer is best for your product; however, if you are unsure of what you are looking for, they will give you a wide selection of expert recommendations. With more than forty years of experience as a rubber molding supplier, Qualiform is more than capable of manufacturing the best product for your needs.

Custom Rubber Grommets | Rubber Molding Supplier

One of Qualiform’s frequently requested products is custom rubber grommets. These grommets come in a variety of rubber and elastomeric materials including Viton grommets, natural rubber grommets, silicone grommets, EPDM grommets, and many more.
Qualiform also provides the ability to develop compounds that are custom-tailored to each customer’s unique specifications. Their engineers will guide you with the design and development process for your rubber parts and grommets. At every step of the way, Qualiform’s team will advise you so you will not be lost.
Quaiform can also make seals and gaskets, which prevent seepage of moisture. Whatever you are looking for, Qualiform can get you exactly what you need. All rubber parts are bought in the United States and each fulfills Qualiform’s standards for quality.

A Reliable Rubber Molding Supplier

Qualiform have been focusing their time and energy on custom rubber products since 1976. Over these past few decades, they have built their reputation as a reliable rubber molding supplier. With a myriad of services such as rubber transfer molding, compression molding, rubber-to-metal bonding, and more, they are capable of producing any custom rubber product you need.
Qualiform also dedicates their time to finding and utilizing the best possible rubber molding technology and development resources that are available in the industry. Their goal is to design and manufacture the best rubber products possible. They want to surpass their customers’ expectations for product quality and customer service.
Qualiform is a rubber molding supplier you can trust. The Qualiform leadership team combines a total of 130 years of knowledge in all areas of the industry. If you are in need of customer rubber products from a reliable rubber molding supplier, contact Qualiform. They can get you the products you need at an unparalleled quality.