Rubber Grommets | Benefits | Applications

Rubber Grommets are used in a myriad of industries. Typically used to cover rough sharp corners or edges of metal in order for other materials to pass through undamaged. Also known as eyelets, there are many common functions of rubber grommets. Grommets commonly being used in everyday places, such as shower curtains, shoes, and vehicles. Areas that most of us don’t even think about. However, the industries need these on a day in, day out basis. Standard grommets come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, and materials. Including oval, square, oblong, and many other forms. Often made of metal, plastic, and rubber. To add to their versatility, grommets made from rubber include many more benefits.

Benefits of Rubber Grommets

  • Heat, Weather and UV Light Resistant
    • Withstand wear and tear and offer more durability.  Light will not cause grommets to dry out.  As a result, they will not crack, becoming loose and eventually falling out or apart.
  • Quick and Easy Installation
    • These grommets are ergonomic and do not need to be screwed into their proper position.
    • Additionally, these grommets do not swell or expand due to weather changes.
  • Withstands Chemicals
    • Resistant to phosphoric, hydrochloric, sulfuric, and Saltpeter acid.
  • Naturally, Seal Upon Installation
    • Meaning, there is not a need for an additional plug.


Qualiform, LLC Custom Rubber Molding | A Company That Produces

Sometimes finding the perfect custom manufactured rubber grommets to meet your requirements and specifications of your grommet application can be a difficult task. Qualiform, LLC is a company with a focal point on the production of custom rubber grommets. Over the decades (since 1976 to be exact) they have built a reputation for creating first-rate product quality rubber grommets. Including being known for exemplary customer service. Their team of engineers works closely with a variety of aftermarket manufacturers to enhance the quality of custom rubber grommets in a variety of elastomeric materials. 
Materials they offer include silicone grommets, natural rubber grommets, and EPDM grommets. They also offer an option for custom compounds for customers with exact specifications. Not positive what you are looking for, Qualiform will give you a large selection of reliable recommendations. Qualiform’s services always being done with care and expertise. Working with you from the first phase to your final approval of the product. They commit themselves to find and implement the best technology and development resources available in the rubber molding industry. They want to design and engineer superior custom rubber grommets that will surpass all customer expectations for product quality and customer service.

Why customers choose Qualiform


Competitive pricing

Large rubber part molding
3-shift/24-hour production
Unparalleled experience
 You always own the tooling
Green initiatives



Qualiform, LLC  | 24-Hour Design

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Qualiform LLC offer services such as rubber-to-metal bonding, rubber compression molding, and transfer molding. Qualiform has an unbeatable service variety, and they will perform them all with truly beneficial customer service. They can ensure you will get the product you need and will do everything they can for the customer.
If you are in need of a rubber manufacturing company that cares about you and your needs, Qualiform is the place to go. Qualiform will do everything they can to get the exact product you need at a reasonable price and exceptional quality.