Rubber Gaskets Fit & Function

So what exactly are rubber gaskets and its function? Gaskets are a fundamental part of our everyday life which typically are overlooked and underappreciated. Being used in just about all household appliances, vehicles, and other types of machines. Think about it, what is one appliance that everyone uses day in and out? Yes, the refrigerator, this employs a rubber gasket that most of us don’t even think about until its time to clean it. Gaskets provide a mechanical seal employed primarily used to prevent leakage of moisture, air, gas, and liquids. They are employed as a barrier between two objects while under compression. Rarely are there two applications that consist of the same shape or size gasket. They also need to meet the needs of fit and function, as well as endure its environment. Environmental factors in the gasket or application, such as:

  • Flammability – UL specifications, heat resistance
  • Function – the motion acting upon it
  • Impermeability – exposure to gases
  • Organic materials needs – fungus resistance, odor, tastelessness
  • Temperature extremes – heat, cold
  • Weather exposure – water, ozone, sunlight

Qualiform’s experts consider all factors in the design stage of rubber gaskets. Designing them so they will not be the weakest link in your product. Whether you need large or small runs, Qualiform’s manufacturing capabilities result in prompt response to your sealing needs.

Trust Qualiform Rubber Inc., The Top Source Of Custom Rubber Gaskets

Qualiform has been in business since 1976, that’s 43 years of experience and skill. Since then they have become the top U.S. rubber molder for producing large rubber parts, rubber to metal bonding and complex custom rubber products that require special compounds and/or present unique design and molding challenges. 
Qualiform’s experienced team is ready to assist you with your custom rubber gasket project.  They will consider all factors in the design process. Additionally, they can recommend the best method to meet your quality and cost requirements.  Furthermore, they can develop a new design if needed. 
They maintain the highest standards in both customer service and quality.  Committed to employing the latest industry technologies and resources to meet your custom rubber molding needs. Certified to ISO 9001:2015, and always dedicated to producing highest-quality custom rubber molded products.  Additionally, they continuously invest in its plant and equipment to ensure they can provide the most advanced processes and efficiency in all aspects of our manufacturing processes. As well as maintaining 3 shifts, 24-hour production to meet all your delivery requirements.

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Qualiform is committed to providing competitive pricing for its customers. They determine the best pricing based on the evaluation of what is required to complete each individual part.  By this analysis, they are able to provide customers with the best solution at the most cost-effective price. Learn more about Custom Rubber Gaskets on the 24-Hour Design Blog or visit their website.