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Quality IP began its history of IT Services in Akron, Ohio, in 2003. Originally, their main specialization was the Voice over IP service (VoIP), a cloud-based telephone service with significant versatility relative to older telephone services. With their humble yet loyal customer base of family and friends, this is where they began the Quality IP legacy.
Eventually, they began building on their selection of services, bringing in many more customers, and in 2008, Quality IP founder, Ryan Markham, also brought on his wife, Sarah Markham. She became the Vice President of the company. With her help, they finally had enough time and resources to develop of a reliable sales staff. Furthermore, that sales staff started with members who still work with Quality IP today.
Now, since 2008, Quality IP has grown even more. They support over 350 businesses in Northeastern Ohio, and they do not plan to stop adding clients. Whether you need IT services in Akron, Ohio, or anywhere else in Northeast Ohio, Quality IP can help. They become deeply involved with all of the businesses they work with. In the long run, they will save you money and meet all of your IT needs.

Is Your Business at Risk?

When building a successful business, it can be a challenge to keep up with the many tasks of finding new clients, competing with prices and matching the quality of customer service of your business rivals. Adding security breaches to that list of stressful situations is something Quality IP wants to help you avoid.
Many large businesses do not have to worry as much about these security breaches; however, smaller to medium-sized companies are much more susceptible to costly damage. As a small business making its start, dealing with costs and maintaining profit is already difficult enough. One break-in could very well cause a domino effect that could ruin your business. However, Quality IP offers many services to help avoid such a catastrophe.

Quality IP Security Systems

Quality IP knows exactly how to prevent serious security breaches:

  • Access Control: This system gives you the ability to control access to your business. Quality IP offers keypads, parking gates, elevator control and even proximity technology (Optical RFID).
  • Alarm Monitoring: Quality IP can install alarm monitors on all areas where criminal activity occurs. Whether a locked door is opened, a window is broken or even just suspicious movement in the area, Quality IP’s alarm system will catch it. This system will also contact a security guard or the local police when an alarm goes off.
  • CCTV: This video surveillance system will catch any criminal break-ins. They offer full color packages with tilt, zoom, and panning functionality, but they also offer black and white cameras for businesses on a budget.
  • Audio Surveillance: Why not compliment your video surveillance with a bit of audio coverage? With this system, you can also listen to the break-ins caught on camera.

If your business needs IT services in Akron, Ohio, contact Quality IP. They will give you the services and security you need to take your business to the next level of efficiency.