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About Qualiform: Constant Innovation In the Rubber Molding Industry

When it comes to delivering quality and cost-effectiveness, Qualiform leads the way among rubber to metal bonding companies.  Their dedicated professionals have what it takes to provide quality design as well as customized rubber compounds. The company also functions as a top consulting resource for rubber molding development and design.  Qualiform offers tailor-made products to businesses across a wide range of industries. Their team provides consistent communication and collaboration with clients every step of the process. Some of their renowned rubber molding services include:

  • Rubber injection molding
  • Rubber transfer molding
  • Custom rubber grommets
  • Rubber to metal bonding
  • Custom rubber molding
  • Large part rubber molding
  • EPDM molding
  • Nitrile molding
  • Viton® molding
  • Neoprene molding
  • Butyl molding
  • SBR molding
  • Natural rubber molding
  • Rubber molding
  • Colored compounds
  • Compound development
  • Rubber part design support
  • Large shot rubber molding
  • Rubber compression molding
  • Custom rubber seals
  • Mold cleaning and cryogenic deflashing
  • Light assembly


Rubber to Metal Bonding Companies: What Sets Qualiform Apart From the Rest?

Qualiform’s rubber molding experts have distinguished themselves among other rubber to metal bonding companies.  Through its unique transfer molding and injection molding processes, Qualiform ensures parts function as efficiently as possible.  
Also, the company offers their customers a unique flexibility.  Their clients can choose whether to use their own tooling or to use tooling from other molders.  The customer owns the tooling over the entire process from consultation to maintenance.  
In addition, Qualiform specializes in short runs to make prototyping as efficient a process as possible while offering competitive prices and large part molding capabilities.  Qualiform has customer experience in mind in all components of the manufacturing, consulting, and purchasing processes and beyond. You can feel confident about choosing Qualiform above all other rubber to metal bonding companies.  

Adapting to Any Industry: How Can Qualiform Help Your Business?

Rubber to metal bonding can make the ultimate difference to numerous industrial needs.  For example, a rubber to metal bonding project for a medical organization may require non-staining and non-conductive materials to ensure safety.  The team at Qualiform truly delivers when it comes to meeting numerous industries’ standards. Qualiform should be your first choice in rubber to metal bonding companies.  Quality rubber to metal bonding services can increase efficiency and profitability across industries. For this reason, the professionals at Qualiform have accumulated the expertise necessary to assist customers in selecting the right bonding materials to meet any requirements.  No matter the field, productivity and safety depend on reliable equipment. Some of the fields Qualiform serves include:  

  • Medical industry
  • Automotive industry
  • Lawn and garden industry
  • Electronic industry
  • Transportation industry
  • Material handling industry
  • Home appliances industry


Getting in Touch With Qualiform: Discussing the Possibilities

The professionals at Qualiform would be glad to speak with you about what customized rubber molding solutions could be best for your company.  To connect with Qualiform, call in, or send an email or a fax. Additionally, prospective customers can also fill out the contact form on qualiformrubbermolding.com.
Qualiform, LLC
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Wadsworth, Ohio 44281
Phone: (330) 336-6777
Fax: (330) 336-3668
E-mail: [email protected]

Qualiform and Advan Design: A Partnership

To learn more about what makes Qualiform unique among rubber to metal bonding companies, visit qualiformrubbermolding.com.  Our team at Advan Design values our collaboration with the team at Qualiform.  Like all of our other clients, Qualiform benefits from our exclusive search engine optimization work, as well as the numerous other facets of our digital and traditional marketing expertise.  Businesses considering multiple rubber to metal bonding companies should commit to Qualiform. To learn more about Qualiform’s rubber molding and bonding work, go to the Advan Design blog.