Custom Plastic Injection Molding Service

Jaco Products offers plastic injection molding service for thermoplastic materials up to 29 ounces. They are experts in custom injection molding for complex parts, maintaining competitive prices in the industry. With its state-of-the-art injection mold technology, Jaco has built a reputation for quality.

Jaco’s staff is highly experienced in all areas of injection mold engineering. They can consistently produce high-quality molded parts because they understand each aspect of the process. Jaco is one of the leading companies in providing plastic injection mold service in Ohio.

When Jaco is involved with your injection molding project, their staff will by your side from the start. They can assist with material recommendations, product design, and prototype mold manufacturing. There is a myriad of materials available for injection molding; therefore, our staff will discuss the application of your molded parts to help you receive a well-designed component.

Jaco’s approach to custom injection molding ensures every step of the process is well thought out and performed with expert precision. They also offer comprehensive services including post-mold machining, ultra-sonic welding, and assembly.

In addition, Jaco’s knowledge of resin systems, injection molding equipment, number of mold cavities, and process requirements helps them find a method with the lowest possible cost for your plastic product.

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Custom Molded Electrical Insulator Products

Jaco also has the unique capability to mold high-temperature materials such as Ultem and Polysulfone. They are a leading supplier to the electrical insulation market; thus, Jaco’s staff has immense knowledge and expertise with insulator materials, the plastic injection molding process, and electrical insulator design. They can handle the most intricate parts, tightest tolerances, and unique specifications. Jaco can provide proper guidance for an extremely successful project.
If you are in need of plastic injection molding service, contact Jaco. Their staff will get you the exact product you need.

Jaco Products is the Best Plastic Machining Manufacture in Ohio.