Phenolic Laminates From Monoco, Inc.

Whether you stand out on stage, or make breakthroughs in the laboratory, you have to depend on a safe work space.  In all, you don’t have the time to worry about tables or floors wearing down and becoming safety issues. For this reason, Monoco, Inc. has served businesses across numerous industries with durable materials.  In fact, industrial laminates such as those in the company’s selection of phenolic laminates, provide safe and durable surfaces for all kinds of professionals to pursue their goals. Whether the task at hand involves a lab table top or a stage floor, Monoco can supply the phenolic laminates and the solutions to increase both safety and durability.  

Arboron®  Phenolic Laminates Features and Benefits:

  • High dimensional stability
  • Excellent resistance to both chemicals and abrasion
  • High strength-to-weight ratio (one half the weight of aluminum)
  • High dielectric strength
  • Low moisture absorption
  • Both carbide blade and router fabrication
  • Ease of fabrication

The selection of phenolic laminates from Monoco, Inc. has proven its versatility across multiple fields and tasks.  So take a look at some of the examples below.  

Electrical Applications | Phenolic Laminates

  • Both electrical control and test panels
  • Switchgear mounting
  • Bus bar insulation
  • Phase barriers
  • Electrical enclosures

Mechanical Tasks | Phenolic Laminates

  • Non-conductive workbenches
  • Needle trade templates
  • Die stock
  • Transportation industry panels
  • Conveyer applications
  • Stage flooring
  • Both drill jigs and fixtures

About Monoco, Inc.

Since 1965, the experts from Monoco, Inc. have distinguished themselves as leading source of materials resistant to heat, chemical wear, and mechanical damage.  In fact, Monoco, Inc. specializes in custom-fabricated products in short, small runs. Overall, the company’s computer numerical control (CNC) machining center serves as a reliable and convenient source for close tolerances and complicated parts.  In addition, Monoco, Inc. offers premier cut-to-size, lathe turning, sanding, milling, and drilling services. So take a look at the list below of Monoco’s selection of materials by supplier, including top quality phenolic laminates.

  • Arborite

    • Arboron
    • Resistop
  • Haysite

    • Thermalate H320, H330
  • Glastic

    • Glastherm
      • S
      • HT
    • GPO-3
    • Both Channels and Angles
    • More…
  • BNZ Materials

    • Transite
    • Marinite
    • CS85
  • Industrial Insulation Group

    • Super Firetemp
      • L
      • S
      • M
      • X
    • High Temperature Board
  • ILN-Norplex

    • Micarta
    • Both Paper/ Cloth, and Glass-Based Phenolic Sheets
    • Both Paper/Cloth and Glass Based Phenolic Rods and Tubes
  • Zircar

    • RS100
  • Albany International

    • Pyropel
  • Tenmat Products 

    • Sindanyo
    • H91
    • High Temperature Cement Board
  • Mica M

    • Mica P

Getting in Touch With Monoco, Inc.

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