image of music garlic

Carried over from Italy into Canada in the 1980s, music garlic has become one of the most popular hardneck garlic for chefs around the world. As a hardneck garlic, music garlic enjoys the cold weather when growing are very hardy garlic that grows well in most of the USA. Typically planted before the first frost of winter, music garlic can grow up to four feet tall, and yield thick bulbs that contain few but giant cloves that come easy to peel and dense with flavor. What contributes to music garlic’s fabulous flavor is its allicin content, which provides health benefits such as lower cholesterol, increase of circulation, and boosting the immune system. You can buy music garlic bulbs online from BJ Garlic Gourmet Garlic Farm and start growing your own amazing gourmet garlic!

Easy to Grow with Delicious, Versatile Flavor | Music Garlic from BJ Garlic

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