Motorcoach Driver Training Courses

Are you looking for comprehensive Motorcoach Driver Training Courses? The Motorcoach Safety Training Company has developed a course package that will teach you everything you need to know. With MCSTCO, you can get it right the first time, learning how to drive a motorcoach safely and smoothly. Their motorcoach safety courses teach safety leaders how to present safety NORMS that show drivers how to exceed performance expectations. Furthermore, MCSTCO courses also help eliminate any unsafe behaviors and habits. This significantly reduces the chance of an accident occurring.
Molding applicants into professional, reliable motorcoach drivers can be challenging for many training leaders. Many promising applicants have failed to pass under other courses due to the CDL written test; however, these motorcoach driver training courses have understandable content that all applicants can understand. This ensures the success of applicants on their first attempt.

About the Motorcoach Safety Training Company

The Motorcoach Safety Training Company is led by President Jeff Cassell. Before MCSTCO, Cassell was the Corporate Risk Manager for the Laidlaw Group, and he held this position for nearly 21 years. While working with Laidlaw, Cassell has a tremendous responsibility on his shoulders. He oversaw all safety practices for members of the Laidlaw Group. Collectively, the Laidlaw members operated 38,000 school buses, 6,000 transit buses, and 2,400 Greyhound Motorcoaches.
Furthermore, Cassell leads the School Bus Safety Company (SBSC) as well as the Transit & Paratransit Company (TAPTCO). More than 3,000 school districts and six out of the ten largest contractors have effectively trained their staff with the help of the training materials designed by SBSC. Also, more than 450 transit agencies and every location of Transdev, Keolis, and MV Transportation have used these TAPTCO motorcoach driver training courses.
Following the success of these training resources, Cassell created the Motorcoach Safety Training Company. Now, he has created motorcoach driver training courses that change driver behavior and eliminate unsafe driving habits.
For over 20 years, the Motorcoach Safety Training Company’s experts have been designing many award-winning training courses. These courses even include unique specialties such as fleet instructional design, media production, industrial psychology, and fleet instruction design and safety. MCSTCO’s video training course series and study guides have invaluable advantages for applicants and safety leaders alike. Furthermore, the designers of these courses are performance and improvement experts.

Advantages of MCSTCO Motorcoach Driver Training Courses

MCSTCO’s courses excel in many ways, but the most important aspect is the presentation. First impressions are pivotal in the training process. Most likely, you are currently using PowerPoints or old VHS training videos, meaning the training is neither systematic nor integrated. This can harm the overall learning experience; however, MCSTCO’s courses are the result of much time, money, and research. These comprehensive, systematic, integrated motorcoach driver training courses effectively change driver behaviors and set high-level safety NORMS.
When learning materials are poor and inconsistent, new trainees and employees will doubt the sincerity of the messages of the training. The subjects in the MCSTCO courses are often vastly superior to older, outdated training materials.
Any companies looking to improve their driver behaviors and safety standards should consider the Motorcoach Safety Training Company’s motorcoach driver training courses. Their courses are reliable and can reduce accident rates by up to fifty percent.