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When searching for men’s genuine leather belts and want the perfect addition to your collection of belts, consider Status Leather Goods. Genuine leather is a sustainable material crafted with varying grains of leather.  Genuine leathers natural characteristics, varying designs, and the array of coloring options have allowed genuine leather to be consumers material of choice for decades. The durability and versatility of men’s genuine leather belts make them the long-time classic that they are.
Status Leather Goods Whether you’re attending a work function, or a casual night out or even your best friend’s wedding Status Leather Belt’s collection has got you covered.

Status Leather | Braided Genuine Leather Belts

Are you considering purchasing a men’s genuine leather braided belt and questioning if they are in style? Have no fear. Braided leather belts are a classic style that has withstood time. As one of the most versatile accessories, genuine leather belts should be paired with anything ranging from business professional to a casual night’s outing.  Whatever your style may be, consider adding a genuine braided leather belt to your collection.
Men’s Genuine Leather Belts are an accessory that no closet should go without. They are stylish yet functional. Genuine Leather is a sturdy material that makes for a long lasting belt.
Investing in a genuine leather belt ensures a long time classic in your wardrobe. Are Braided Leather Belts Style?
Their braided design allows you to fasten your waist at any measure, extending its versatility. Status Leather Goods’ leather belts are hand woven, available in black or brown, and guaranteed to stay true-to-size. It’s safe to say that these belts are user-friendly and have a stamp of approval from customers just like you.

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24-Hour Design provides marketing services and solutions for small and medium-sized businesses across Northeast Ohio.  From logo and web design to SEO and Social Media strategy, 24-Hour Design has all of the bases covered. Status Leather is one of the latest additions to our client list.  We are excited to take on this partnership and look forward to seeing where this growth will lead.