Custom Rubber Grommets

Qualiform, LLC Custom Rubber Moling is a top manufacturer of Custom rubber grommets. Working with OEM”s to assist in the development of custom grommets in a variety of rubber and elastomeric materials. They produce a full range of shapes and sizes using synthetic and natural rubber. As well as meeting the needs of any grommet application with sourcing custom rubber and elastomeric compounds, they can distribute custom compounds for your specific needs.  
Qualiform Specialties include:

  • Custom rubber grommet molding
  • Silicone grommets
  • Custom compound rubber molding
  • Viton grommets
  • Natural rubber grommets
  • EPDM grommets
  • And many more.

From Design Phase To Final Approval of Product

Qualiform offers a wide range of services allowing them to produce any customized rubber molded product. Building its reputation since 1976, they are known for exemplary customer service and first-rate product quality. Their engineering team will consult with you from the product initial design phase and not stop until your final approval of the product.  

Qualiform, LLC  | 24-Hour Design

24-Hour Design provides marketing services and solutions for small and medium-sized businesses across Northeast Ohio.  From logo and web design to SEO and Social Media strategy, 24-Hour Design has all of the bases covered.  Qualiform LLC is one of the latest additions to our client list.  We are excited to take on this partnership and look forward to seeing where this growth will lead.