Hardscape Contractors Near Me

Are you searching for top-rated Hardscape Contractors in the Hudson & Stow area? Allscapes offers the services you need. From residential and commercial services to landscapes and hardscapes. A team that delivers creative designs that are sure to elevate your property. Allscapes hardscape contractors expertise includes the following areas:

  • Concrete And Paver Patios & Walkways
  • Fencing
  • Retaining Walls
  • Outdoor Spaces

Concrete And Paver Patios & Walkways

Allscapes has the skills and knowledge to create and or enhance any residential or commercial property. Have you thought about transforming your front entry, yard, driveway, or sidewalks? Longing for that WOW factor when you pull up to your home? Do you want to give the neighbors something to talk about?
However, let’s not forget about the backyard while we’re at it. Are you ready to transform your backyard into your getaway Oasis?  Now is the time to reclaim your backyard. Plan those barbeques and family get-togethers, all the while sitting, relaxing enjoying your guests on your new patio.
Our dedicated team will take the time to get to know your hardscaping needs and expectations. Always paying close attention to the details and staying within your budget. With a wide range of options and materials, Allscapes can make your visions come true.
So if your driveways, paved areas, stairs, walkways, and any other hardscaping needs rejuvenated don’t hesitate to call us today!


Have you been debating whether to install a fence?  Fences can add many different levels of security. To help narrow down your debate here are some most common reasons to build an enclosure for the yard.

  • Property Borderline – A clear definition of landscape (trees and lawn) to distinguish property lines.
  • Privacy – Enjoy the privacy of your backyard without worrying about onlookers.
  • Decorative Appeal – Add instant appeal to your home with fencing. 
  • Added Security of Children & Pets –  Keeping them restrained and safe, preventing any roaming into the road that could lead to disastrous incidents.
  • Preventing Trespassing – Providing an obstruction to help prevent intruders. As well as added security if you have a swimming pool or trampoline (most insurance companies require a fence in this situation) on your property. 

No matter the reason behind your decision to install a fence, most importantly make sure it’s sturdy, reliable and installed properly. Call Allscapes today for a free quote on fencing your property.

Retaining Walls

What is the purpose of a retaining wall?  Simply put they consist of a structure typically made from stone, concrete, or timber. There are various types of retaining walls, including gravity walls, anchored walls, cantilever walls and more. The basic function of a retaining wall is to battle gravity;  when extra support is essential to prevent the earth from moving downhill with erosion. However, these hardscape features of a home are becoming increasingly popular; retaining walls are versatile, beautiful, and functional. Most common reasons to build a retaining wall: 

  • Minimize Erosion – Slopped areas are commonly affected by heavy downpours of rain, high winds, and melting snowfall results in soil erosion runoff.
  • Manage Flooding – Ohio is actually considered a minor flooding state. However, most Ohioans would beg to differ. Retaining walls will divert flowing water away from your house minimizing the risk of property damage.
  • Landscaping & GardeningThe walls not only support your slopped lawn, but they can also be used to create a flat area into a stunning floral garden setting with vines or flowers trailing down them. Additionally, this is a great setting for planting a luscious vegetable garden.
  • Curb Appeal – Add dimension and personality to your yard while increasing your property value. Retaining walls can be curved, wavy, built-in multiple tiers and made from a variety of sturdy materials. Designed to fit the style of your home and property, tailored to your needs.
  • Landscape Seating – Designers creating a comfortable area for sitting with friends, a beautiful place to sit and chat, or playing games. 

Let your imagination bring your yard into more than just something that needs to be maintained. Let our team provide your yard with a unique design that delivers color, texture, and aesthetic appeal. Call Allscapes Landscape Contractors today for a free quote.

Outdoor Spaces

Allscapes is ready to design your perfect entertaining space. Creating a welcoming extension of your house will give you an excuse to be outdoors, enjoying the fresh air and cool evening breezes. Allscapes can turn an ordinary patio or deck into a welcoming, personal space for outdoor living. Make your backyard your adult playground. 

  • Fireplaces – Define your outdoor living space with a natural focal point. Relaxing by the crackling of the fire even during the cooler weather. 
  • Grilling stations – For most the summer season means grilling season. And who doesn’t love some barbequed meals? Let your inner chef come to life with an outdoor grilling station built uniquely for you.
  • Water Features – Enhance the beauty of your outdoor living with the soothing sound of trickling water. Most can agree that the sound of water can be one of the most relaxing ambiance settings. 

Hardscaping Hudson Ohio | Let’s Get Started

No longer the need to add on a room with walls and a roof with a backyard that is awaiting your company. Are you ready to start on your next hardscaping project? We are! Now you, your family and friends can enjoy the pleasure of extending your gatherings, birthdays, holidays, in the great outdoors.
Allscapes proudly serves the Stow, Hudson, and surrounding areas.  Whether it’s a home or business, our team will design a layout plan custom to your needs. Call today for a quote!