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If you are looking for an exterminator of bed bugs, rodents, or other forms of invasive wildlife, Expert Pest Management can be the solution for all your pest problems. For over forty years, Expert Pest Management has been working in the pest control industry, tackling a myriad of pest-related issues for countless customers. They can solve your infestation problems discretely and efficiently while providing impeccable customer service. Expert Pest Management also maintains a reputation for delivering exterminator services with a friendly, “can do” attitude that yields professional results. They take time to ensure that all customer interactions are pleasant as well as productive; furthermore, Expert Pest is as thorough as possible with every job, confirming an effective pest removal and complete customer satisfaction.

Beg Bugs | Exterminator

These little pests are an extremely common nuisance for far too many people and can be found in most areas of the United States and many areas around the world. Bed bugs were introduced to the U.S. with the early colonists. They get their name from their close association and tendency to inhabit human beds. Bed bugs often hide in beds during the day and feed on the people who sleep in them at night.
Although the bed bug is partial to humans as their source of food, they will also feed on poultry or other mammals and birds. Adult bed bugs are incredibly small, reaching lengths of only 3/16 to 1/5 inches long. With their flat shape, they can easily access small cracks and crevices.

How to Check for and Remove Bed Bugs

If you believe you may have a bed bug infestation, there is a simple confirmation process to follow. First, use a flashlight to check your mattress’s seams. While checking your mattress, you will be looking for fecal stains, which are black dots that have been smeared. Expert Pest suggests checking the mattress first because that is where people are most vulnerable. When people are asleep, the bed bugs can feed on their blood without being detected.
Next, you also need to consider when they were introduced to your home. What recent events occurred at your house? Have you had any new guests? Were you traveling or vacationing? Commonly, it is one of these reasons or another, similar reason.
Lastly, you have to prepare for the removal of the bed bugs. The preparation is pivotal in this process and will ensure there is no recurrence of the infestation once your exterminator finishes. After scheduling with Expert Pest Management, you will receive a prep sheet. It is crucial that customers follow this prep list and perform the tasks to avoid future bed bug infestation.

Why Expert Pest Management? | Exterminator

Expert Pest Management is a leading provider of pest control services in Northeast Ohio. Both residential and commercial clients can benefit from the quality service they provide. Expert Pest can assist with a multitude of pest issues:
Residential Services: Residential customers can choose from a myriad of options. There is an initial pest program with long-term contracts for specific pests; however, they also offer a quarterly program for preventative maintenance. This maintenance protects against over twenty different pests. In addition, for the most protection, Expert Pest offers a monthly program for year-round defense against even the most serious of pests.
Commercial Services: Expert Pest offers similar quarterly and monthly programs for commercial customers; however, they also have a Commercial Fly Program, which can eliminate the threat of a serious fly infestation. Flies are disease-carrying pests and are a significant threat to food industry businesses.
Wildlife Services: Last but not least, Expert Pest offers wildlife baiting, trapping, and structure programs that can remove wildlife in a safe, efficient manner.

The Expert Pest Management Mission

For over forty years, Expert Pest Management has followed a mission to influence all levels of the pest control industry. One of the most important aspects of customer service is to treat every customer as if they are the only customer. Expert Pest recognizes that every individual client is a crucial part of the company’s success. Employees are, of course, also incredibly important for any business. Expert Pest works to maintain comfort and safety for their employees as well as general happiness in the work environment. Lastly, other than the individual customers and employees, maintaining the pest industry reputation is an important task. Expert Pest Management works tirelessly to perpetuate high-quality standards of service, building a reputation for health and safety in the pest control industry.
Anyone struggling with bed bugs or other pests should contact Expert Pest Management for an exterminator. They will solve your current problems and prevent them from occurring again in the future.