Dealing with e Waste

When protecting your technology, it is necessary to be conscious of more than just your current devices. Securing your information means you must also consider your older technology, as it could be a security risk. Old, unused technology is called “e Waste.” It is likely that your office has a significant amount of e Waste, which could be holding confidential information. This includes, tablets, hard drives, cell phones, solid state drives, thumb drives, circuit boards, memory cards, and many other parts.
If you have an excessive amount of these old parts, QualityIP has a drive shredder to dispose of it properly without risk of leaking important information. They can shred monitors, chassis, printers, batteries, and more, recycling or disposing of them in accordance with EPA standards. Furthermore, if you are looking to replace your old hardware, QualityIP is also capable of helping you. They can order and install new hardware that best fits the budget of your company, while also ensuring it exceeds your expectations. Regardless of whether you are looking to replace old equipment or you just have a stash of old tech lying around, e Waste is an easy-to-fix, often-ignored gap in network security.

QualityIP’s Other Managed IT Services | e Waste Management

QualityIP works under a different model than most IT companies in the industry. The average IT company works under a Break/Fix model. Under this model, customers must contact their provider for every issue they encounter, which can be a significant drain on company time and resources over time. However, with QualityIP, customers gain the benefits of working with a managed IT services model. Customers simply pay a monthly fee to receive virtually constant IT service; thus, technology maintenance becomes much more efficient.
QualityIP will consistently monitor your company’s computers, network, and other sections of infrastructure. They will perform regular update and maintenance while you continue to run your business. Under QualityIP’s watchful eye, technological issues are solved before they become a problem; furthermore, you can be confident in your company technology. With QualityIP and Managed IT Services, efficiency and productivity increase significantly. The stress of tech issues becomes a thing of the past and you can focus on your business. However, the managed services model is just one of many reasons why QualityIP maintains its position as one of the top IT consulting companies in Ohio.

Reliable IT Consulting | QualityIP e Waste and IT Services

QualityIP has been providing Northeast Ohio with Managed IT Services since 2008. They currently services over 350 companies in Akron, Cleveland, and other surrounding areas. QualityIP is always searching to expand their clientele, and they encourage anyone in need of IT consulting contact them as soon as possible. With their help, you can significantly increase your company’s productivity and protect your technology from security breaches; furthermore, they are capable of disposing of any e Waste you might have stored. QualityIP is a leading IT services company because they provide straightforward guidance that results in greatly improved IT investments and strategic planning. If you are looking for IT services in Northeast Ohio or need to dispose of e Waste, contact QualityIP to receive some of the best tech help in Ohio.