Dock Boards Solutions For Difficult Challenges

Do you know Copperloy dock boards can be customized matching any of your specifications, offering solutions for any difficult challenges? With the productivity of your warehouse loading operations solely relying on the quality of the equipment involved, why would you settle for anything less than the best? Does your current equipment meet safe, functional, and highly efficient expectations? If not do you realize the substantial effects on how your overall productivity is most likely to suffer? When it comes down to forklifts moving in and out of trucks and on and offloading docks all day, the dock boards and ramps involved need to be capable of handling the workload. Not only for profit and productivity but for the safety of your employees as well.

Copperloy Products Are Both Trustworthy And Cost-Effective

Copperloy customizes dock boards to meet virtually any specifications, solving a myriad of challenges, including existing equipment or spaces. With their in-house engineering team, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, and over 60 years of experience, you can be confident in their abilities to provide you with the dock board you need. These boards have extremely high strength, durability, and portability as well as some of the highest capacities in the industry. Additionally, offering a multitude of dock board options of aluminum or steel. Leading the loading\ unloading equipment industry with the highest- quality of products.  All the while designing their equipment to have extensive longevity as well as impeccable safety standards. 

Steel Dock Boards With Welded Steel Curbs

These are excellent for any industry or facility and more than capable of accomplishing any task. Offering a wide range of models with various specifications there’s sure to be one in stock to meet your application needs. Including capacities of 15,000 or 20,000 lbs. and widths of 60″,72″ or 84″ and diverse options for length and height differential.  Standard features include 10″, 14″ and 18″ locking legs, 5.5″ curbs, fold down lifting loops, and an 11″ or 14″ lip. Added features include:

  • Fully welded all-steel curbs.
  • Heavy steel treadplate deck for high durability and extended service life.
  • Most durable for the greatest value.
  • Engineered for the toughest duty cycles.
  • Several lifting devices available.
  • Drop through lift loops standard.
  • Lift chains also available.


These have bolt-on steel curbs as opposed to aluminum curbs. These aluminum boards are remarkably cost-effective offering lightweight features yet built for high durability. Including, standard features of an 11″ lip, or optional 14″ lip, 4″ steel curbs, 9″ and 13″ locking legs, and a lift chain option. Capacities of 10,000 lbs and 15,000 lbs. Each capacity offered in 54″ width up to 72″, and lengths of 36″ up to 72″. The dock boards combine both lightweight features and durability while also being a great low cost and affordable dock board option. Added features include: 

  • Structural steel curbs bolted on 6″ centers.
  • Tough aluminum treadplate deck for lightweight, high traction, corrosion free surface.
  • Low-cost alternative.
  • Light to mid-duty cycles.
  • Lightweight maneuverability.

Aluminum Dock Boards With Welded Aluminum Curbs

This version is completely aluminum with welded curbs and comes in a variety of models. Offered in three maximum capacities: 10,000, 12,000, and 15,000 pounds. Including options for 9-inch or 13-inch locking legs, 11-inch or 14-inch lips, and 4-inch aluminum curbs. Offered in widths from 54 to 72 inches and lengths of 30 to 84 inches, depending on the board’s capacity. These aluminum dock boards are tough, cost-effective, and lightweight. Added features include: 

  • Fully welded aluminum curbs for the highest strength.
  • Tough aluminum tread-plate for the light-weight, corrosion-free surface.
  • Mid to rough duty cycles.
  • Lightweight maneuverability.

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Are looking to substantially improve productivity in your facility, consider Copperloy’s dock boards and other loading and unloading equipment. With unparalleled safety and durability, Copperloy ramps are a necessary tool for success. Learn more about the Copperloy/JH Industries on the 24-Hour Design Blog or visit their website.