Business owners realize how important Datto Backup | Datto Service Providers can be. It not only ensures the safety and protection of your business, but it also gives you, the owner, peace of mind. Having a backup system for your documents, files, and client contact info is extremely important and with the ever-changing world of technology and business, isn’t it nice that the founder of On Technology Partners understands that? CEO and owner Lucy Fanger started the business with the mentality to help her clients and relieve them of the stressful burdens of owning and maintaining their own business. OTP offers backups and services with Datto to help your business become all it can be.
Datto drives give your business or office secured file sharing services in a private cloud that has 1 TB of storage with an unlimited number of users. They help your business stay organized and let ideas flow quickly and easily. Datto also serves as a backup if your system were to ever crash. It is always good to have a backup now a days. You also get the first year free if you get Datto through On Technology Partners. Whether you have small files for clients or do your entire business online, Datto is versatile and safe to use.
Not only does OTP offer backup drives and services, they also offer security monitoring, technology risk services, government services and VoIP phone solutions. OTP wants to help make your business the best it can be. Helping you handle technology updates, security, and business strategies with technology are all the things that will take your business to the next level. OTP has partnered with other businesses for over twenty years to help give their clients the best connections and technology available for helping to consult with you on your business.  Information technology strategic consulting is the name of On Technology Partner’s game. They have partnered with many local businesses around Akron and across the nation. Their certificates include: Datto Elite Partner, VMware partner, Cisco Certified Partner, Cisco Select Partner, Cisco Small Business Expert Certified, Cisco Small Business Support, and Dell Premier Partner.

OTP wants what you want for your business. They understand that you have goals and visions and can help make those come to fruition. Datto Backup | Datto Service Providers is just one thing of many that they can give you. Don’t sit up at night worrying about technology or  that you are not using it to your business’s best advantage. OTP will treat you like family. They pride themselves on this and it has always been a core value for their company. They also pride themselves on having extensive business knowledge. It is one thing to know about technology and it’s another to know how well it works with a certain business. OTP has the knowledge in both areas and will work hard to ensure you get all that you want and more out of technology. Don’t let it run your life, let it run your business. As a women-owned business in Akron, OTP is more than just your standard technology company. It’s one that has had a lot of hard work, dedication and expertise put into it. Making a community with other businesses and striving to offer the best to it’s clients, Lucy Fanger’s company has a mission, a vision, and a wonderful and inspiring dedication to business and technology. Click the link to visit the website and learn more about Datto backup services or any of the other services that On Technology Partners offers. Let them take the worry of your business and technology off your shoulders. You will be glad you did.