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When searching for the best Criminal Defense Lawyer look no further than Hiltner Law. A law firm that specializes solely in criminal defense. Max Hiltner founded Hiltner Law in 2014 and since has accomplished himself as one of the best Criminal Defense Attorneys. His focus is on criminal and constitutional law. Being a well-known defense trial lawyer Maxwell Hiltner is always confident and prepared to see that any case he takes on is ready to go to trial.
Hiltner having tried dozens of cases before juries and judges, from misdemeanors to felonies, with abounding outcomes. Hiltner presents top-level negotiating skills and has a long list of successes in the courtroom. Furthermore, he has a versatile skill set when it comes to defending you of your charges. He will meticulously investigate your case, searching for any flaws in the prosecution’s theories, including locating any witnesses and organizing expert testimony to provide the best defense for your case.
If you have been charged with DUI, white-collar crime, sex crime, drug, weapons, domestic violence, theft, and violent crime charges, Hiltner Law will protect your rights. You won’t find a more dedicated, passionate, and expertly skilled lawyer, than Maxwell Hiltner. To minimize the impact of your future, no other criminal defense lawyer could be more highly recommended. Your freedom, family, and career are at stake so why hire anyone but the best to represent you in court.
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Practice Areas | Types of Offenses

If you or your family find yourself in the unfortunate situation and need to hire one of the best Akron Attorneys – Hiltner Law is more than able to assist you or a loved one in any of the following locations and practice areas:

Locations where Hiltner Law can assist you:

  – All 88 counties in the State of Ohio

  – All 55 counties in the State of West Virginia

  – United States District Court, Northern District of Ohio

  – United States District Court, Southern District of West Virginia

Types of Offenses: 

Felonies (in both State and Federal Court):

  • Murder

  • Manslaughter

  • Rape

  • Felonious/Aggravated Assault

  • Drug Possession/Trafficking

  • White-Collar Crime

  • Felony Theft

  • Weapons Charges

  • Gambling Offenses


  • OVI (DUI)

  • Theft

  • Assault

  • Domestic Violence/Assault

  • Weapons Charges

  • Drug Charges

  • Gambling Offenses

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Akron Ohio criminal defense lawyer, Maxwell Hiltner, has a well-earned reputation as one of the most effective trial lawyers in Ohio. A DUI or a Class A felony could devastate your career; thus, hiring Hiltner as your criminal defense lawyer gives you access to dependable expertise. In Ohio’s courtrooms, Hiltner presents top-level negotiating skills. Hiltner has defended criminal clients for a variety of white-collar offenses; furthermore, he has a versatile skill set for defending clients against any of their charges. Hiltner will thoroughly investigate your case to find the flaws in the prosecution’s theories and will go to great lengths to locate witnesses, arrange for expert testimony and prepare the best possible defense for your case. He is a dedicated, passionate and expertly skilled lawyer. Learn more about Hiltner Law on the 24-Hour Design Blog or visit their website for more information.