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About Copperloy/JH Industries: Leading the Material Handling Equipment Industry

Copperloy is a leader in the material handling equipment industry.  Headquartered in Twinsburg, Ohio, Copperloy has become a premier source of heavy duty truck service ramps and other heavy duty ramps.  Copperloy is notable for its distinct group of custom steel fabrication and design professionals. Their team can create customized solutions through heavy duty truck service ramps, dock boards, lifts, and more.  The company’s work boosts the productivity of numerous fields. Some examples include metal processing, wind energy, and light assembly industries. Copperloy distributes equipment across the nation to meet the needs of companies all over the country.    

Customized Heavy Duty Truck Service Ramps: How Can Copperloy/JH Industries Help Your Business?

Copperloy’s heavy-duty truck service ramps and other heavy-duty ramps could be just the solutions your organization needs.  When businesses streamline material handling procedures, the change boosts safety, efficiency, and profitability. Fill out the form on to request a quote for heavy-duty truck service ramps and other heavy-duty ramps.   
Consult with the expert steel fabrication and design team at Copperloy to create the perfect plan for you.  They can create your solutions from your existing CAD drawings or start the design process completely from scratch.  
Copperloy sets itself apart by offering used yard ramps for purchase as well as yard ramp rentals.  Used heavy duty ramps may be the right options when the cost would otherwise get in the way of safer and more efficient work space.  However, renting a heavy duty ramp could be best for temporary initiatives.  

Heavy Duty Truck Service Ramps and Other Heavy Duty Ramps: Delivering Customized Work

Copperloy’s selections of heavy-duty truck service ramps and other heavy-duty ramps are unique because of their wide variety, room for customization, and exclusive safety features.  Some of the options include:

  • Industrial ramps
    • Yard ramps
    • Dock ramps
    • Ground-to-truck ramps
    • Portable loading docks
  • Specialty ramps
    • Twin lock ramps
    • Van ramps
    • Stage ramps

Some Copperloy-exclusive safety features for heavy-duty ramps include: 

  • 8-foot level off
    • The 8-foot level off allows forklifts easy access as well as stability for operators.  
  • 15-inch lip
    • A 15-inch lip guarantees a secure connection.  
  • High-strength steel deck grating
    • This feature ensures effective traction all through the year.   
  • 7-inch curbs
    • These curbs are essential in the structure of Copperloy’s exclusive box frame.  They prevent runoff and ensure safety.  


Safety Tips for Heavy Duty Truck Service Ramps and Other Heavy Duty Ramps

  • Check equipment capacities.
  • Use wheel clocks.
  • Operate on a level surface.
  • Check ramp connections.
  • Move at safe speeds.
  • Check ramp conditions. 

Spare Parts and Accessories for Heavy Duty Ramps

Copperloy carries a wide variety of spare parts for loading dock equipment and heavy-duty ramps.  Look into their selections of bumper guards, wheel chocks, and more.  

Getting in Touch With Copperloy/JH Industries

To reach out to the professionals at Copperloy, give them a call or fill out the contact form on  
JH Industries, Inc
1981 East Aurora Road
Twinsburg, Ohio 44087
Phone Number: (330) 963-4105
Toll-Free Phone Number: (800) 321-4968
Fax: (330) 963-4111

Copperloy/JH Industries and Advan Design

At Advan Design, we are proud of our relationship with such a reputable manufacturer.  The professionals at Copperloy, as well as our other clients, enjoy multifaceted search engine optimization, social media, and print media plans.  Advan Design is a full-service marketing agency that provides traditional and digital marketing solutions to grow Northeast Ohio businesses.    
Copperloy is the ideal choice to find quality heavy duty ramps.  To learn more about Copperloy’s work, like heavy duty truck service ramps and other heavy duty ramps, visit and visit the Advan Design blog. Copperloy home of the Ultimate Yard Ramp!