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About Copperloy by JH Industries: More Than Fifty Years of Industry Leadership

For more than five decades, Copperloy has produced quality loading dock and material handling equipment.  Their Twinsburg, Ohio facility supplies American-made edge of dock levelers, portable loading docks, and cargo ramps, for instance.  Chiefly, Copperloy employs the latest in computer numerical control (CNC) and robotic technologies to produce quality products. Most noteworthy, the company distinguishes itself through its premier custom steel fabrication and design services.  Copperloy serves a wide variety of industries. Some of these fields include:

  • Plastics machinery
  • Light assembly
  • Machine tooling and fixtures
  • Heavy machinery
  • Transportation
  • Military and defense
  • Warehousing and distribution.  

Cargo Ramps from Copperloy by JH Industries: Maximizing Workplace Efficiency

Copperloy carries a wide range of cargo ramps for a wide range of industrial applications.  Without a doubt , the team can fit your needs; take a look at their selection.

Copperloy Specialty Cargo Ramps

Twin Lock Ramp and Split Ramp

  • Aluminum
  • Capacities ranging from 6,000 pounds to 7,500 pounds
  • These options are particularly light in weight.

Stage Ramps

  • Copperloy stage ramps were especially important for the Rocksino!
  • Above all else, Copperloy commits to quality; performance organizations have counted on Copperloy for decades to produce durable and safe ramps for numerous theater applications.  

Van Ramps

  • Another option for customization, Copperloy’s van ramps’ capacities range from 2,500 pounds to 4,000 pounds.
  • Significantly, these ramps load at a 15 degree angle for optimal efficiency.

Other Material Handling Equipment From Copperloy 

Equipment For Copperloy Dock Boards and Cargo Ramps

Steel Dock Boards With Welded Steel Curbs

  • Above all, this option is Copperloy’s most durable. 
  • Also, optional lift chains are available.

Aluminum Dock Boards With Welded Aluminum Curbs

  • Aluminum curbs add both durability and strength.
  • A Copperloy tread plate resists more corrosion and makes for a lighter surface as opposed to other ramps.

Aluminum Dock Boards With Bolt-on Steel Curbs

  • Interestingly, these tough boards are light in weight.
  • These ramps are available in both 10,000 pound and 15,000 pound capacities.

Copperloy Dock Plates

Custom Steel Fabrication and Design Services From Copperloy by JH Industries: Meeting Exact Facility and Industry Standards

Impressively, some of Copperloy’s past customizations have included cargo ramps, rebar pallets, dock to ground ramps, and so much more.  Unquestionably, different projects call for different materials. With this in mind, past customization materials have included:

  • Extruded aluminum
  • Beryllium copper
  • Stainless steel
  • Plastics
  • Nylon
  • Open steel floor grating
  • Structural steel

Undoubtedly, Copperloy’s design professionals can turn your company’s existing CAD drawings into a 3-D model.  However, the team can begin the process completely from scratch.  Most importantly, staff members design and manufacture all projects completely in-house at the Twinsburg headquarters. This makes for both consistent and effective communication between departments and to the customer.

Getting in Touch With Copperloy by JH Industries: Find Out How Copperloy’s Cargo Ramps Can Help Your Business.

To connect with the Copperloy team, fill out the online contact form on or make a phone call or send a fax or written correspondence using the information as shown below.
JH Industries, Inc
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Toll Free (800) 321-4968
Fax (330) 963-4111

Financing Information

Copperloy is currently offering a financing promotion in partnership with New Equipment Leasing Inc.  Make no payments for 90 days of a 36 month term!  For more details about this promotion and others, without delay, please reach out to Scott Debouche, a representative from New Equipment Leasing Inc.  
Scott Debouche
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Copperloy by JH Industries and Advan Design: A Partnership

To summarize, Copperloy’s dedicated manufacturing and design professionals have worked to solidify the company’s status as a leader in the material handling and loading dock equipment industries.  In fact, they attribute a great deal of this accomplishment to maintaining a strategic digital presence. They benefit from our exclusive search engine optimization (SEO) packages, social media marketing (SMM) work, and conversion rate optimization (CRO) plans, and as a result, power past their competitors.  Above all, Advan Design values its status as a full-service marketing agency for the growth of this region’s ever-evolving business landscape.  First, to learn more about cargo ramps from Copperloy, go to  Then, you can find more information about Copperloy’s work on the Advan Design blog.  
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