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Camping Wire | Malin Company

Looking for the most powerful tool for the sportsman, hunter, and camping enthusiasts; Malin’s camping wire is the solution for all. Malin’s camping wire is considered to be the duct tape of all wire. It’s versatile, flexible and useable anywhere and for anything, you could possibly need a wire for. Malin Co. has been supplying countless industries with high-quality unparalleled wiring solutions since 1884 and for decades has built a reputation of being a leader in wire production.
This Multi-purpose stainless steel safety wire a.k.a. camping wire  is only available in bulk with two sizing options:

  • Six, 1 pound canisters
  • 100- count box of coils

With so many versatile uses this is great because you’ll never run out and the size is a perfect fit for wherever you’re storing it in be it a campsite, camper, boat, car, backpack, tackle box, toolbox, office, home, the list could go on and on – having a canister or coil of this wire is the smartest option you’ve ever made.

The Great Outdoors | Camping | Wild Life

So let’s talk camping, the great outdoors, great views, a body of water, living off the grid, and lots of wildlife which from afar can be a breathtaking sight; but up close and invading your campsite not so much. Firstly the camping wire can be used to assist in setting up your campsite. This wire is an excellent source for tying down and securing all of your shelter needs. Another frequent use is for setting perimeter boundaries and creating your own tripe wire alarms to alert any physical movement. Therefore protecting your loved ones if camping in a rural area with non-domesticated animals. Additionally, securing your gear, keeping food and other belongings out of reach; no more pesky raccoons invading your campsite. Therefore allowing you to enjoy your under the stars get away with peace of mind your belongings and loved ones are kept safe.

Camping Wire | Fishing Solutions

Camping and fishing typically go together like ketchup and mustard. With that same camping wire, you can also create a fish trap, bait rigging wire, trolling wire, and much more. And with two different sizing options available it fits perfectly in your backpack and tackle box. This wire is essential for any outdoor enthusiast.

Advan Design | Multi-Purpose Wire from the Specialists at Malin Co.

Malin Co. has been a client of 24-Hour Design since 2001, we’ve created an extensive line of marketing materials. Our graphic design for Malin includes a folder, sell sheets, fishing catalog and trade show booth. We’ve created a new website design, both first and second generation, and we provide ongoing SEO and web maintenance. The internet continues to be a primary source of leads and business growth for Malin with a huge ROI on their investment in their website, SEO and SEM.
Malin Company has been supplying a multitude of high-quality wire based products to the industry for many years. Industries including aerospace, medical, hardware supply, mill supply, catalog houses, fishing, and hunting supply and many more. Malin’s expertise includes safety lock wire, stainless steel, copper, brass, aluminum, nickel titanium, and galvanized steel. With a wide selection of products ranging from fishing wire to medical wire, it’s feasible they can help with any wire needs. Anyone in need of snare trap wire or other wire products should take time to contact Malin Company or visit their website. 
Malin Company the Safety Wire, Lock Wire, and Stainless Steel Wire Experts!

Malin Company the Safety Wire, Lock Wire, and Stainless Steel Wire Experts!