Aegis 360 Consulting, Inc., formerly known as New Directions, was started in 2000 by Ned Parks who is a business consultant in Akron, Ohio with a focus on leadership/supervisory training and conflict mediation. The company is a global provider of business consulting and staff development services that help organizations improve their leadership, discover and better their business strategies, and improve culture through employee engagement efforts.
Ned Parks is a highly skilled business consultant and a new client who came to 24-Hour Design on a referral from a satisfied customer. He has a long list of many achievements and programs that he has built or gone through himself and with his company. Let this brief list give you a preview of what he has accomplished and why Akron, Ohio is the place you need to go to find Parks and Aegis 360 Consulting, Inc. for all your business consulting/training needs.
  • In 2006, Ned Parks created and started a program with Costa Cruise Lines delivering supervisory training for the ship’s Captain, Hotel Director, and Ship Engineer.
  • In 2011, Parks attended Registered Corporate Coach training with Impact Training and Development and achieved the title of Registered Corporate Coach (RCC) specializing in business coaching.
  • In 2014, the company partnered with Celemi International as a Certified Solutions Provider for its well-known tabletop business simulations.  Additionally, Parks completed the Lean 6 Sigma Green Belt training offered by Kent State University Center for Corporate and Professional Development.