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Water is key to both growth and life when it comes to a healthy lawn.  However, water can also put a healthy lawn at risk. Water damage can allow both roof leaks and mold to impact your lawn and home, and cost thousands in the long run.  For this reason, Allscapes Ohio’s exclusive backyard drainage system solutions save Northeast Ohio families significant resources and allow them to enjoy their outdoor spaces.  Take a look below at the yard drainage system options from Allscapes Ohio.  

  • Downspouts | Lawn Drainage System

    • This option protects both a basement and a roof.  It’s a great choice for preventing mold, protecting plants, moisture buildup, and corrosion.  However, it is the most high-maintenance option of AllScapes’ lawn drainage system solutions.  
  • French Drains | Yard Drainage System

    • A French drain creates a hidden path across a lawn.  The installation moves extra water and prevents pooling.  This option is ideal for properties facing water damage in a basement.   
  • Lawn Grading | Backyard Drainage System

    • Lawn grading refers to both the leveling and smoothing of a lawn so rain flows out of a lawn and away from a home’s foundation.  

About Allscapes Ohio | There’s No Scape We Can’t Handle.

Since 2009, Allscapes Ohio has served the Summit, Portage, and Cuyahoga County communities with lawn maintenance services.  Above all, the company makes it a priority to provide lawn maintenance services that are both affordable and of the highest quality.  To list, the members of the Allscapes Ohio team have distinguished themselves among Northeast Ohio landscapers by providing exceptional irrigation, snow removal, backyard drainage system, lawn drainage system, yard drainage system, hardscapes, and turf maintenance work.  

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It’s easy to reach out to the lawn care professionals from Allscapes Ohio.  Prospective customers can simply fill out the online contact form on  In addition, you can use the contact information shown below to send written correspondence or phone calls.  
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