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If you are looking to buy, sell, or rent high-quality aggregate equipment, you can rely on the aggregate equipment specialists at R.W. Martin & Sons Inc. With R.W. Martin, you can find the best aggregate heating machinery for your application at a price within your budget. In fact, R.W. Martin offers unmatched experience with new and used equipment from various manufacturers. So, you can trust them to find the best equipment solutions for your facility.
An aggregate bin heater is a unique concrete heating system that uses steam to facilitate concrete curing, heat aggregates, and heat water for both precast and ready mix concrete. Temperature and moisture have a significant influence on the quality of the finished product. Thus, concrete plant water heaters control these variables to ensure consistent, high-quality output.
Furthermore, aggregate heating systems help concrete companies keep their materials in spec during the winter season. In fact, aggregate equipment can thaw completely frozen materials and heat them to ideal temperatures. For the spring and summer seasons, however, bin heaters simply maintain optimal temperatures and moisture for concrete.
R.W. Martin’s mission is to give customers a channel through which they can find the best aggregate equipment solutions for their applications. So, their aggregate equipment specialists have acquired bin heaters from Sioux, a top manufacturer of concrete heating equipment.
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Sioux Aggre-Flo® aggregate bin heater

The Aggre-Flo® bin heater is one of the most advanced concrete heating systems on the market. It efficiently heats fine and coarse aggregates, so it can thaw ice and frozen chunks of concrete during the winter season.
The Aggre-Flo® heats the whole concrete aggregate with dry heat, so the materials do not encounter any moisture. As a result, concrete companies can produce a continuous flow from their bins while maintaining the exceptional quality they need.
The Aggre-Flo® is a combination of Sioux’s immense experience in the engineering of aggregate equipment and user-friendly design. If you need a reliable bin heater to keep aggregates flowing in the winter, Sioux’s Aggre-Flo® is perfect for you.
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Sioux hot water heaters

R.W. Martin also offers a variety of Sioux water heaters for industrial laundry facilities. Sioux’s water heating solutions offer the highest efficiency ratings in the industry. In fact, Sioux water heaters can create a consistent supply of hot water without any preheating or downtime.
Furthermore, Sioux water heaters offer many unique advantages over competing brands. Most notably, these water heaters can achieve a 100°F temperature increase in just 3-5 minutes while maintaining flow rates and outlet temperatures at extremely accurate levels. Sioux’s hot water heaters are also pre-wired and pre-plumbed for a quick and easy installation and setup.
If you are looking for water heating solutions for your facility, Sioux is the best option for maximizing efficiency and productivity. In fact, Sioux water heaters can reduce wastewater production and energy consumption. Sioux offers over 50 years in the manufacturing of industrial water heating solutions. Thus, many industries rely on Sioux for high-quality water heaters including food manufacturing, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, concrete production, and more!
R.W. Martin is a leading provider of new, pre-owned, and rental water heaters. Their technical staff will work with you to develop a full understanding of your needs, so they can find the best water heating solutions for your application.

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